Booth No.: E5-38
Pioneers in Mechatronics in Wakayama Japan:
"Fulfilling your requirements"
Our booth has 3 categories to introduce our ODM business.
1. Mechatronics technologies such as control/ image processing technology
gained from photofinishing industry
2. ODM development and manufacturing of medical equipment
3. Integrated manufacturing (one-stop production)
Exhibited Products / Technologies (Manufacturer)
Introduction of mechatronics technology-Photo processing equipment
We exhibit product samples of mechatronics products using control/image processing technology
which we expertise over 65 years.
We have Micron Precision Transfer Technologies and high-speed/compact designing technologies.
We also introduce image sharpening technology, applied technology from our photo image
correction technique.

Introduction of ODM development of medical equipment-Infusion pump
We exhibit jointly developed specially controlled medical device (class III)
with a leading medical device manufacturer as an example of ODM development product.
We acquired First-class manufacturing and sales business license first in Wakayama and
also certified ISO13485.

Introduction of Integrated manufacturing -processed product samples
We introduce one-stop production from sheet metal processing, machining, resin molding, board mounting
to assembling and inspection.

We have transactions with more than 500 suppliers to meet any demand.
Exhibitors' Presentation
Date / Time Venue Presentation Title / Abstract
Jan 19 [Fri]
12:20 ~ 13:20
Presentation Venue:East-A NORITSU PRECISION CO., LTD.

ODM development and manufacturing(one-stop production)
1. Control/ image processing technology
2. ODM development and manufacturing of medical equipment
3. One-stop production
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