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Optimum packaging design that takes into account up to the end-use environment of parts
Carbon sludge test of newly developed conductive sheet (patent pending) will be carried out from time to time.
Exhibited Products / Technologies (Manufacturer)
Embossed Carrier Sheet
Slit burrs, punched burrs are less and the cost of equipment maintenance can be greatly reduced.
It has excellent elongation and it can mold uniform thickness, so it is possible to deal with thinning and deep drawing.
High transparency makes it possible to check the contents of the package.
Conductive sheet is characterized by less carbon sludge.

Paste container
Even aircraft transportation does not leak.
It is a container excellent in pressure resistance strength.
Passed the withstand voltage test of IATA
By adopting lock type, we realized relief of worker's burden securely and safely.
We offer products of various capacities, colors, materials and shapes according to customer's request.
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