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LED and Laser soluation for UV, Color, IR products.
Exhibited Products / Technologies (Manufacturer)
IR LED Laser
We have a track record for automotive safety applications over 10 years.
It adopts semiconductor package technology with advantage in terms of price and is ideal for Time of Flight Measurement method, it can measure distances from several meters to several hundred meters.
The wavelength band corresponds to 905 nm, and it is possible to output light output of 75 W (@ 30 A).

UV LED Solution
High power, high power density and high uniformity UV LED.
Multiple lineup of wavelength range 365 - 410 nm.
The output is 8 W @ 365 nm 11 W @ 385 nm, 395 nm, 405 nm. * When driving 9A
It is possible to operate at a maximum of 18 A or more with a highly thermal conductive copper substrate PKG.

High Power LED Light Source ( Luminus Devices )
By photonic lattice structure, it is possible to collect light efficiently and uniformly, and have high directivity.
Thermal design is simple, efficient cooling is possible, high brightness and long life are realized.
Die size can be selected according to the optical parameters of the system
A development kit for Luminus' LED is prepared.

UV LED Light Source ( Excelitas Technologies )
Utilizing high technology and know-how using UV light by various lamps and LEDs in various fields of life sciences, medical applications, UV curing applications, it is best to use our own brands such as "OmniCure" and "X-Cite" We provide solutions.

LED Spectrum Meter, Flicker Meter
Wavelength, color temperature, CIE of standard measurement, measurement functions can be selected and changed according to needs and requirements, and original menu setting is possible.
By using the Wi-Fi, measurement data can be saved, and by linking with smartphones, data can be saved by continuous measurement and a data base for various analysis can be constructed.
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