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Vayyar's 3D-imaging sensor, a multi-antenna UWB radar-on-chip, for In&Out of car functions
The 3D sensors enable groundbreaking safety advancements, new efficiencies in cargo management and enhance the security of self-driving and autonomous vehicles. They are safe, low cost, mobile and work in any lighting and environmental condition. They do not take pictures, and thus respect privacy.
Exhibited Products / Technologies (Manufacturer)
VYYR2401- 3D Imaging Sensor
Vayyar's 3D imaging sensor RFIC, able to manage upto 24 full T/R antennas, in wide frequency range, and with UWB. Chip + reference design, cloud analysis without privacy issues
Robot/Robotics Application
3D imaging sensor for Human-Robot-Interaction
Vayyar's 3D imaging sensor allows robots to become more autonomous, and allowing a safe human-machine-co-working-interface.
Smart Factory Application
3D imaging sensor
Vayyar's 3D imaging sensors allows a safe Human-Robot-Co-working interactive Interface; provides perimeter protection in high cost parts, and allows AGVs to become autonomous, making the production line floor a much smarter place
Exhibitors' Presentation
Date / Time Venue Presentation Title / Abstract
Jan 18 [Thur]
16:35 ~ 16:55

3D Imaging sensors for Future Automotive
Vayyar's imaging devices, a low cost, small form-factor radar-on-chip, brings great sensing and monitoring capabilities
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