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Total support automatic driving research and development to service demo on public road
At the first Autonomous Driving EXPO, ZMP will show the feasibility support service with using AD technology and large scale data acquisition service for ADAS equipment. And Stereo Camera and Programmable vehicle(RoboCar) and centimeter order precision GPS sensor are also shown at ZMP booth.
Exhibited Products / Technologies (Manufacturer)
RoboCar series -Hardware platform for Autonomous Driving Technology-
RoboCar series will be R&D experiments fleet which shall run,turn and stop the vehicle by Autonomous Driving(AD) Controller.

Computer of ADAS and autonomous driving development.Providing to camera/laser sensor to sensing,GPS and RoboCar control application

Vehicle road test service Robo Test
Robo Test is a package service by ZMP engineer to conduct system build-up,collection of road testing data and analysis of collected data.

Stereo Camera Unit RoboVision seriese
NEW World's First World Premiere
RoboVision2 & 3 with high sensing CMOS sensors by SONY realize to get the image and distance and object detection with
Software option. We will demonstrate it at our booth.

Measurement sensor solution
Motion sensor IMU-Z2,RTK Position-Z precise position measurement with RTK,Biosensor(brain waves/heart rate/electrocardiograph)
Exhibitors' Presentation
Date / Time Venue Presentation Title / Abstract
Jan 17 [Wed]
11:50 ~ 12:20

Development of Autonomous Driving Taxi for 2020!!
Introduce the progress status of autonomous driving technology in public highways undertaken by ZMP.
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