Cutting-edge electromagnetic field computation technology for automotive design and R&D
Science Solutions International Laboratory, Inc. (SSIL) exhibits its unique and novel electromagnetic field computation technologies that revolutionize in-vehicle motor systems and power electronics circuit design. We aim to draw attentions to the application to wireless power transfer systems.
Exhibited Products / Technologies (Manufacturer)
A novel electromagnetic field computation method using equivalent electric circuit (Patent pending)
NEW World's First
SSIL's novel analysis method enables generating an equivalent electric circuit of device, representing dependence of impedance on the frequency, due to the eddy current, proximity and skin effects, for passive components such as coils and bus bars, in a short time. Application of this method includes analysis of wireless powers supply systems and power electronics systems.

Motor behavior model for control circuit simulation
SSIL's motor behavior model is a motor model that computes parameters such as torques and rotation speed according to the input voltages, and directly used in a control circuit simulation.
The model enables 1D simulation in Model Based Development (MBD) prior to the manufacturing. SSIL can provide customized motor behavior model according to your requirements for new motor designs.

High Performance 3D electromagnetics computation software EMSolution
EMSolution has been widely used by demanding JAPAN's companies and research institutes for more than 20 years, and has established an excellent reputation as "high speed and robust" solver. HPC-EMSolution, developed to solve large-scale problems, enables to solve complex and large models having up to several million elements. SSIL's software package gives a promising way for your design and R&D.

Solution Services
SSIL's solution services i.e. 1) electromagnetic field analysis using EMSolution and SSIL's unique analysis methods, 2) related software development, and 3) technical consulting, provide customers with practical solutions for the design and R&D issues efficiently.
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